Types Of Baby Strollers & Travel Systems


Types of Strollers: Know the Various Baby Stroller Types
Baby Strollers have been around for years, with different types of strollers being available for parents with different needs.
• Be it the health-conscious mom who would love to go jogging everyday
• The perennially travelling parents
There’s a stroller built to suit the lifestyle of such parents. And its great to have choices that suits your lifestyle, rather than the other way around.
Even for those, who want a stroller that can suit all your needs, an advanced baby travel system can do almost everything that a stroller needs to do, and much more.
Here’s a list of the various kinds of strollers (the more popular ones). Take your time to research these before buying; the time will be well-spent once you land the right stroller for your child!
1. Standard Strollers/Traditional Strollers
2. Jogging Strollers
3. Tandem Strollers
4. Carriage/Prams
5. Lightweight Strollers
6. Multi-Child Strollers
7. Umbrella Strollers
8. Side-by-Side Strollers
9. Combo Strollers
10. Seat Carrier Frames/Universal Car Seat Carriers
11. All-Terrain Strollers
12. Travel System Strollers
13. Bike Trailers/Strollers
Learn more about the various types of strollers available for your baby, before you decide to invest in one.
There are several types of baby strollers available to you as a parent, each designed for a specific purpose and has certain unique qualities compared to the other types.
So check them out so that you can select the most appropriate one for your baby.
Here are the various types of baby strollers that you can consider:
Baby Travel Systems
This is basically one package where you get a toddler stroller and a compatible infant car seat, both in one system. So if you are going out for a drive just fold the stroller and put it in the trunk, use only the car seat so that your newborn can sleep peacefully. Once at the destination, if you wish, you can use the stroller to move your baby around. You can even use the stroller on its own when your child becomes a toddler.
As you can see, though the basic concept remains more or less the same, there are still a lot of options and variety available in baby strollers. These are the more common Types of Strollers so depending on your particular needs you may choose a suitable one.
Basic / Standard Strollers
The standard baby strollers have seats that can be fully reclined so that it can be used for infants as well as toddlers.
Almost like the standard one and can be used for a child right from their infancy to all the way through toddlerhood. It basically consists of a coordinating infant bassinet and a toddler base. Most combo stroller includes accessories and extras such as extra seat padding, adjustable height holders and cup holder.
Double & Triple
As the name suggests these are used to carry two or three babies respectively. The Double baby stroller can be used for twins or say a toddler and your newborn. These can comfortably accommodate 2 infants. Triple baby strollers on the other hand, allows carrying three kids comfortably at a time.
You can have further variants to these types which are available in traditional, light weight, umbrella and jogging type of strollers.
Jogging Stroller
These baby strollers have tyres that are filled with air, similar to those on bicycles so that they can be easily pushed on any surface. These are perfect for parents who are health conscious and would like to do some exercise whenever they are out with their child. To ensure child safety these strollers have more straps including wrist straps.
Almost like the standard ones, these are styled in the classic pram way. They have fully reclining seats and come in various models; some can be changed into a toddler stroller so that you can still use them as your baby grows.
Lightweight Baby Strollers
Though most strollers are quite comfortable to manouvre, these are made of materials to make them extra lightweight (usually under 12 pounds). Most of these strollers also don’t offer reclining seats so it may be more suitable for babies over twelve months or so.
Umbrella Strollers
These are known as umbrella strollers because of their ability to be folded easily. They’re designed to be small and simple, and provide for quick opening and closing. They are low-cost, compact and can easily fit in the trunk of most cars.
Baby Bike Trailers
A variant to the above, but different from a bike baby seat, is the Baby Bike Trailer. It allows you to take your children out when riding a bike. These strollers cover your kids from all sides and are generally considered to be a better choice compared to bike baby seats.
All Terrain Baby Strollers
This is much like jogging strollers but with a small distinction. The front wheel is rotating / movable so that it is much easier to maneuver and steer on varied surfaces. These all-terrain strollers are perfect for most outdoor activities.

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